What does your band name mean?

The name We Were Cheerleaders refers to the sexist clichés that most people think about when they hear the term « cheerleader », and what they think about women in general. We don’t do politics but we fight for feminism and LGBT community, we think that anyone might be able to be who he / she is or want to be, wear, look like or else. We Were Cheerleaders means: « I might have been a poor version of me to please dumb people, I’m done with it. I still wanna be sexy as Hell, but if anyone has something to say about what I am, what I wanna be and what I wanna become, he better prepare to receive my fist in his face »

How did you meet?

We met like everyone I guess, getting around talking with each other. When you go to other people in real life, good things usually happen

Who are your biggest influences?

We have so many influences that in the end, we don’t really have any. We think the structures of our tracks on classical music, we love blues and hard rock guitars, heavy and disco drums, etc… we just make a mix of everything we love. And the most important: every lyric we write must have a real and deep meaning. And when it sounds good, we release it!

How do you promote your band?

We are a small band so we promote with the medias we can get into: mostly internet, local papers, we promote our gigs with flyers, local and student radios, and we try to get known working with local music associations and music contests. The more we play, the more we get known.

What does your future look like?

One thing is sure: our future looks like a gigantic amount of working hours! We have a very high goal: if we wanna play the music we want for the biggest audiences in the world, we have so many steps to climb that we have a lot of work to do!

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