Advertising for musicians is always really personal and musicians must express themselves in their own words, but here some tips you can follow in order to create a badass ad:


Probably one of the most important factors while searching for musicians. Don’t only point out where you’re located, but also give an indication on whether you’re available to travel or not and how far.

Age or experience?

For some, age is quite important and giving an age-range is a good idea. But experience is the key: don’t forget to specify whether you have previous experience in bands or not, if you have stage experience or for how many years you’ve been playing your instrument etc.


How many times per week/month you’re available to rehearse? When? Where? Some musicians are more flexible then others on this topic. So, you don’t really need to include this in your ad, but others can be stricter and it would be better to clarify it from the beginning.


Why you are looking for a band or musicians. It may sound obvious but really it’s not.
Do you want to perform live? Or do you just want to play for fun? Or maybe you are more a jam session guy?
Your goals reflect your motivation and the time you want to dedicate to a music project. Look for musicians with similar goals.

Use pictures!

People love pictures: gig or rehearsal pictures, logo of your band, pics of your gear. That makes it personal and after all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Add videos or audio tracks

Of course musicians want to hear how you sound like, plus is always a good way to promote yourself as a band or musicians: most of the readers will just pass by, but at least they will listen to your materials and who knows, maybe they’ll love it and they will check out your band page on social networks or your website.

Say my name

If you’re a band, say your name! The name of your band is important, don’t just say “We’re a band and we’re looking for a guitarist”. You may be more popular than you think.

Don’t take anything for granted

Just think about all the questions that you’ll be asked after someone reads your ad. You might be really flexible but try to add more details as possible, otherwise the risk is that musicians will overlook your ad!



Gisella Calderoni
Band Paradise