We are START/OVER: a djent metalcore band with progressive influences from the Amsterdam area in The Netherlands. We consist of Rowan (vocals), Jeffrey (guitar), Bas (guitar), Manuel (bass) and Mark (drums). Our debut EP “Laments” came out on the 22nd of February 2017 and can be heard on most streaming media.

How did you meet?

Basically Mark and me (Rowan) formed a band before START/OVER and Bas and Jeffrey formed a band. Both bands fell apart and via Facebook we found each other. Coming to a consensus about our musical direction was really tough, because Bas and Jeff had this really dark djenty influence and Mark and me came from a melodic hardcore/metalcore way.
After some time we took this as a blessing and made the best of it in a combination without boundaries in metal subgenres: our debut EP “Laments” was born.
Then there was this dude that no one of us has seen before, but messaged us about the bass guitar spot. We really had struggles finding a bass player, but somehow we didn’t invite Manuel right away, how stupid could we be? After A YEAR we contacted Manuel about his availability and he was enthusiastic right away, so we decided to invite him for a practice. Our upcoming and most important gig so far, our EP release, was taking place in 2 weeks but Manuel managed to learn every single song in this short amount of time and he really played an impressive show with us. So, basically this is where we are now!

What’s the most important thing during band practice?

We always want to improve our overall live performance, so we feel that there’s no thing that’s more important than the rest. Sure, we strive for the tightest playing possible but we also want the live sound to be top notch. Guitar tones are everything, but that’s probably why I always forget to do my backing vocals during practice haha.

Who’s the most obsessed with tuning?

Definitely Jeffrey. Every show and practice he keeps nagging Bas about how the low A string should be in tune with each other, which is probably for the better (differentials in the tuning of the low strings can become really big, real fast). One time he maybe took it a little too far by tuning the whole guitar live, right before we had to play, which may have left a goofy impression on the audience..

Do you get any inspiration for new songs when you’re in the shower?

Yeah, it seems that when it’s more impossible for me to record something on the fly, the more inspiration I get. Like when you’re on the train and you have this great tune in your head, but you don’t want to look like an idiot in front of so many people sitting next to you, because you are jamming this awesome idea off-key into a phone so you can remember it when you get home. In the shower it is a little harder to get the idea across, because you’d have to do so many things and dry your hands and grab your phone and when you finally get to your phone or your guitar the magic is lost 🙁 The best creative ideas I’ve ever had have come from contemplating on the toilet. No joke.

Who’s the most photogenic on stage?

Probably Jeffrey. I haven’t seen a single photo of him not looking good. This guy pulls the most intense and hot faces and it suits him well. Mark is the black sheep regarding photos. Photographers always forget that there’s also a drummer at the back and IF they shoot some pictures of him, Mark mostly pulls rape-faces on accident.

You’re on stage, is time to perform but…no audience. What do you do?

Whether we’re playing for 10 or 100 people, a show is a show. The audience came to see you, so they’re seeing us. We have never played for no audience before, but as a gig opener you’re often bound to play for few people. Just play double as loud and energetic as you can to attract more people, tell the smokers standing outside to come inside and once I even told the audience to call their friends to be here as soon as possible. Didn’t work though..

If you could have appeared in a movie, what movie would have been?

Definitely Inception. How cool would it be to be able to create dream worlds where anything is possible? You could create your own mind-bending city. Don’t want to get too deep though, limbo is no fun haha.


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