Poetic Jack was founded in 2014. Our singer (Sigi) and drummer (Sara) were high school buddies and studied music together. We met our bass player at an audition for another band. That particular band doesn’t exist anymore… But we got to know Sem, so it was definitely a positive outcome!
In the past, we worked with several backing vocals, but recently we teamed up with Lisa, who gives the band it’s typical harmony vocal, something crucial for Poetic Jack.

What was the inspiration to start this band?

Sigi is a big fan of alternative music and started writing his own tunes.
He is not your typical singer-songwriter, so he wanted a full band to give the songs a signature sound. Poetic Jack is the child of experimentation and the love for catchy, yet alternative music.

Who are your biggest influences?

Steven Wilson is definitely on the list. He is able to tour the world with his own music, never has to compromise to match the modern music industry, and gets to work with some of the best musicians. What more can one ask for?

Your first EP will be out soon, what did you set up to achieve with this release?

Indeed, our first EP, Owl Skin, will soon be released.
The main thing we want to achieve is to let people know we’re out there with our own music and our own sound. We also hope to be able to get some more gigs after the release and maybe even play some festivals this summer. We start off with ‘Limbomania’, a rockrally we (fortunately!) got selected for. We want to achieve a lot, so let the climb begin!

What does your future look like?

The next step is to dive into the studio and record some more!
There are plans for a full album in the (near) future.
We also plan to gig a whole lot more, so keep watching our social media, and hopefully, we can welcome you at one of our next shows!

Poetic Jack

Instagram: poeticjackband