My name is Chris Boulet. I am an ex-patriot of the United States and I am a musician/producer. I live in Padova, Italy. And I am best known here as the crazy guy that did a 45 hour long concert. (I actually did 2 of those) I am also known as a really good pizza maker in Italy…but that’s another story.

Who are your biggest influences?

Well, the obvious one to name would be Frank Zappa. And he is the most important one in regards to this new album that I am promoting at the moment, named ” MONKEY STEW”. However there are many different influences on this album, and some even after the fact, influences ( because remember, it’s an album of improvisation, so if something sounds like another group or musician, it’s just a natural coincidence that sometimes, I capitalized on later on in mixing) on this new album that really range in styles so much that it’s a little strange to name them all here right now, but I will…why not? It’s a Blog Site, you’ve got some time to read…right? Ok besides Frank Zappa, there is always and always will be a little bit of the Beatles. This album is also influenced by Miles Davis in the way that it was recorded, a bit like Bitches Brew, and intentionally, Radiohead, Snoop Doggy Dog, James Brown (these last two are perfect examples of after the fact influence), Manfred Mann, Goblin (another after the fact influenced song), the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, The Incredible String Band, Jeff Beck, The Doors, The Grateful Dead and King Crimson, there ya go! How’s THAT for a bizarre combination of influences?
Finally, it’s not exactly a musical influence, but David Lynch and Twin Peaks and Lost Highway and NIN have all had an enormous effect on this album. You might not hear the NIN influence but it’s sneaking around.

Tell us more about the double LP “Monkey Stew”.

First of all, it’s a sequel to another album that I did in 2001 that was named “Monkey With A Thumb”. What I do on these albums is, I invite a bunch of my musician friends into a studio and I tell them that we are going to record a bunch of stuff…but I don’t know what, and neither do they. I tell them to just play and I record EVERYTHING. Eventually and usually within minutes, sometimes within seconds, these musicians always come up with great jams, and I know enough musicians with enough different styles that it usually makes for an interesting recording session. As a result of those recording sessions I determine whether or not I have the material to create songs out of the jams and to see if it is possible to let some of the jams remain untouched and show the fire of the moment as it flared. And if it is possible to create an entertaining, and listenable album out of these recordings. I actually like both of those things and love making albums where I can combine all of those worlds, and it would seem that there is a bunch of people that like it also so…now there is MONKEY STEW for your listening pleasure.

What can we expect from you in the future?

A lot! I’m a busy little beaver when I want to be. For the moment we have Monkey Stew but as I promote this I am also trying to organize the final show in a series that I named the “RPM” concerts. The first concert was “33 1/3” a concert that was 33 hours and 20 minutes of improvisational music without stopping. The second concert was “45”, 45 hours with Tony Levin and Willie Oteri as guest performers. The third was GOING to be 78, but my good friend Willie Oteri convinced me to do “45 Side B”, which we did with Pat Mastelotto, Mark Reuter, and Ronan Murphy and Willie Oteri. Well now it’s time, nobody is going to talk me out of it., WILL do 78! 78 hours of nonstop improvisational music. Who will be my guests? Depends on how much money I have to offer them. I can get the guy I want, Mike Patton! But he’d cost an arm and a fucking leg so…keep dreaming…But regardless I’ll find some big name musician who is insane enough to be part of this thing and then I’ll tell you his or her name! But that’s what’s next probably. It is definitely high on the agenda. Besides that there might be other things that are developing, but it’s too early to say much else besides. You’ll have stuff from me, lot’s of it, to listen to.

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