I’m Ricardo Falcon, currently the guitarist of the Dutch death metal band Sinister. My story in music started in São Paulo, Brazil where I was born, with my former band itSELF.
In 2009 I decided to move to Europe aiming a better career in music, specially in the metal niche. After years of dedication, tours, errors and hits, I finally got the deserved recognition and got a place in Sinister.

What inspired you to start your vlog “Life of Falcon”?

My life isn’t easy you know? But most of people thinks it’s the opposite! Just for an example, in a year I had to move 4 times!!! And I have a lot of stuff like guitars, sound console, equipment and so on…
Despite all these troubles sometimes my life brings some rewards like playing in front of thousands of people and traveling around the world.
So I wanted to show a bit of my life, seen through my eyes. The idea is to make it naked and raw! No masks, no production. And I guess that people are always curious, at least I was years ago, of what a metal musician does behind the stage. Is that what we are always thinking? Sluts, booze, drugs and rock n’roll? Well, sometimes we drink till death but it’s so demanding that you’re tired all the time, eating fast food and sleeping at the airport haha. What a party 🙂

What would you say that is the greatest satisfaction of being a vlogger?

Well, I cannot consider I’m a vlogger at the moment. In first place I’m a musician and a death metal fanatic, this won’t change but I think the satisfaction at the moment is on doing something different, trying to innovate and not getting stagnant.

Does ever feel weird walking in the street and talking to your phone alone?

Well, I’m a person that I don’t give a fuck much of what others are thinking. But yeah, I guess it’s weird to see a long haired guy talking bullshit to his phone. They will get used to it. I hope haha

In the future where do you hope your vlog will take you?

Well, I really don’t know. I’m not doing that for the fame. I am through a very depressive and hard moment in my personal life so I decided talking to my camera instead of talking alone inside my head haha then it obliges me on doing outdoor activities. Just trying to get a brighter life.
Maybe it will work out. If it does, great. If not, at least in 5 years I can look back to my old videos and have a bit shame of myself.



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