My Name is Katia Martins and I live in Luxembourg. In my free time  I’m a musician. My main instrument is the drums but I also play guitar and I sing.

What inspired you to start organizing Jam Sessions?

My inspiration was to meet new musicians and new people from Luxembourg. We have so many good musicians here but not everybody knows that.
Also for me, it was a real good experience to play with professional musicians because you always learn the most with them. It’s really interesting because a Jam Session is a music event where people meet for the first time and improvise together. I love to invite musicians in order to have real fun all together and It’s not important If your level is good or not. Is very interesting to see new faces and people who meet for the very first time and play together. It doesn’t matter if you play Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums, Saxophone, Harp, Violin, Trumpet because every instrument is welcome so far that the local has the place. I love to encourage and motivate people who want to show the spectators what they can. Without fear because It’s not a concert and everybody can make mistakes. Nobody is perfect.

Why is important for musicians to join Jam Sessions?

For me, it’s important to meet other musicians. Jam Sessions are so special because all styles are played and everybody is welcome and most of the jammers are not professional or semi-pro. It’s a good thing to have the courage to play with all kind of level.

Any suggestion for musicians who would like to participate?

For those who want to participate is important to master your instrument in a way that you can jam along and follow. A Jam Session is not about learning an instrument. You already need to have a sense of jamming and you need to know the basic of your instrument. (Like for example: Don’t ask as a Drummer or Guitar player to play a blues if you don’t know the rhythm or the structure).
Ask the key before playing.
A singer must give musicians the chance to play a solo and the musicians must not be too loud in order to hear the voice on the microphone. Musicians don’t play a solo If It’s not your turn. Singers should understand that they have to breathe. Less is more.
The best way is to build groups and communicate together. A Jam Session always needs a leader so don’t feel offended if you get told to stop or to leave space to someone else. Make changes after 2-3 songs and wait for your turn. The most important are to respect and listen to each other.