How did you meet?

Gilles, Jérôme and I (Laetitia) have met in school, but we were playing in different bands at that time. And what’s funny is that Nicolas, our guitarist, suggested that I should ask Sacha to play the bass, while as Nicolas only joined the band a few months later, because we needed a thicker sound.

What’s the most important thing during band practice?

Well, even though writing new songs or rehearsing the same old songs over and over again can be exhausting, you should always have fun during practice.
Furthermore, it’s important to share your thoughts, especially when composing new material. Last but not least, you should never take yourself too seriously, neither during gigs nor practice.

Who’s the most obsessed with tuning?

Definitely Nicolas, our guitarist. If you’re not in tune, you’ll get the “stinky eye”, haha.

Do you get any inspiration for new songs when you’re in the shower?

Not so much, unfortunately. I often get inspiration while traveling, when I can relax.

Who’s the most photogenic on stage?

I think that would be Gilles. All the others, myself included, are often making funny faces.

You’re on stage, is time to perform but…no audience. What do you do?

You know, things like that can happen. I think every musician has already played a gig where nobody listened, which is kind of the same thing. In that case, you just have to stay positive, consider it as a “live rehearsal” and have fun on stage.

If you could have appeared in a movie, what movie would have been?

“The boat that rocked”! It talks about pirate radio in the UK during the 60s. I just love the characters and it must have been so exciting to be a part of this movement.

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