We are Chelladais from the Netherlands.
Gijs and Eddy (Guitar and Bass) live in Fijnaart and Daisy, Koen and Chris all live in Baarle-Nassau close to the Belgium border (Vocals/Keys, Drums and Guitars). We write and play rock/pop music with a little bit of an edge.

How did you meet?

Chris and Gijs know each other from their former band Next Page. Koen has been Daisy’s drummer since forever, and Eddy and Gijs once were in the same ‘Dutch Bruce Springsteen Band’. Oh, and Daisy is Chris’ daughter.

Who are your biggest influences?

That varies a lot! We all like Fleetwood Mac but also Alanis, we like Aerosmith but also Adam Lambert, as long as it’s melodic and energetic.

What’s the most important thing during band practice?

When we are writing or composing the creativity is the most important thing, and this is something of a chemistry that was there from day 1. It makes a lot difference that we are all experienced musicians, and that is not only the case for the ones that did finish their conservatory.

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

Come and record at our Studio, it’s the best environment you can imagine and a real value for money. Without kidding, for us it has been a big help that Chris is a studio owner with a SSL mixing table. People from all around come and record at his place. That sets the right environment.
But without trying to do his marketing, I would always advice people who just start out to record themselves as often as possible, not just in the studio but also at rehearsals. You learn a lot from listening to your own s***. There is no better way of improving what needs improving, this goes for creativity of the song but also for how well you play.

What can we expect from you in the future?

We just have our 2nd single out here in the Netherlands, and it’s called
‘believe’. Recording the EP was a very exiting experience as we were able to work with a very well-known producer mr. John Sonneveld who worked with Golden Earring and Anouk in the past.
We hope to be able to play some serious festivals next year and hope to get some airplay, in the Netherlands or abroad.

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