My name is Capti Rando. I’m from Amsterdam. I’m a singer & songwriter, I play a lot on the streets.
I left my school and job at McDonald’s. I want to do whatever I want and still get money to pay my bills, food and
presents for my lady.
Who I really am, I’m a person that doesn’t cry because I’m sad, but because I am thankful and happy.

Tell us more about the messages you want to spread your music.

My message to people is:
Just do whatever you want to do in life, never limit yourself because people think you can’t do it.
In 2015 people told me to look for another singer because my voice was horrible, one year later my success started, I know myself better than whoever in this world.

Why do you think is important to bring music to the streets?

It brings people together, it makes people smile. People listen to the songs, got motivated, they get inspiration. It makes their day much better with music on the streets.
That’s my experience.

Amsterdam: what is your connection with this city?

I don’t know what the connection is, weed?
No, not weed.
Hachee? No….
The right answer is: I can meet people all over the world, I love it.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I can’t say that my planning is changing every day, my friends don’t like that.
So, you can expect a lot of surprises from me and my band.

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