We are 34 Barton Street, a band from Utrecht The Netherlands. We combine indie rock like Arctic Monkeys and Vampire Weekend with poppunk such as Blink182 and Green day. We are a four-piece band consisting of Harmen (Vocals), Sebastiaan (Guitar), Jeffrey (Bass) and Thomas (Drums). We don’t take ourselves too serious, but apparently people like our music.

How did you meet?

It all started as a school band, people left were replaced by Thomas Jeffrey and Harmen who were found because of advertisements on the internet. Now none of us are in the same school.

What’s the most important thing during band practice?

Getting drunk? Most of our songs are written because of bad jokes we made once during practice.

Who’s the most obsessed with tuning?

Sebastiaan should be, but he always forgets to tune…

Do you get any inspiration for new songs when you’re in the shower?

Thomas: Yeah! Whenever I shower, I take a look at my soap and all the songs pop up in my head.
Sebastiaan: I actually write them on the toilet, shitting and singing is a great combination!

Who’s the most photogenic on stage?

We are all ugly kids, so none of us is really pretty on the pictures. Fans ask if we could put a bag on our head.

You’re on stage, is time to perform but…no audience. What do you do?

This is not new to us. First we cry a little, and then we play and act like we play for the biggest crowd ever!

If you could have appeared in a movie, what movie would have been?

Thomas: Titanic, so I could tell Rose there is room for two people on that piece of wood.
Sebastiaan: Grease, I love the 50’s!

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